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How Are You Feeling About MS/Zune?

Q: How do you feel about Microsoft and the Zune after the Z2K/FroZune issue?

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Published 1/8/2009  Found In: Website Help and Suggestions
I must say I'm having a little trouble coming up with some unique and cool features to add to  I'm a programmer, so pretty much anything you guys can dream up (as far as software goes) I can make (given enough time of course :-).So what could we add to this community to make it better?  What would cause you to come here multiple times per day? What does the Zune need to make it better? I'll start it off: - Online audio file converter - something to convert music files...  More >>
Published 1/7/2009  Found In: Announcements And Feedback
First let me say that the drawing was truly random, but also weighted based on the number of non-spam posts since the contest began.  After seeing the results, I'm glad that I did it that way as two of the most helpful members during the whole Z2K issue actually won.  And here are the winners:kjkolkomicrosoft_caresObanNeatI will be sending out emails to the winners in order to get their shipping information.  Thanks everyone for participating!  More >>
Published 1/2/2009  Found In: Zune News
Just noticed a job posting here looking for a Zune UI designer for "the Zune Device UI, Zune Xbox and Zune PC Application".  I think most people saw this coming at some point, so this is just more of a confirmation than anything.  I look forward to the day where my PC, XBox and Zune are working nicely together!  More >>

Zune User News

Published 4/30/2008  Category: Zune Media Player News And Articles
“Microsoft introduced the Zune technology in November of 2006 and brought with it two concepts for streaming music.”  More >>
Published 4/29/2008  Category: Zune Media Player News And Articles
“Microsoft’s Zune now comes in three different models. This article talks a little about the history of the product.”  More >>
Published 4/29/2008  Category: Zune Media Player News And Articles
When Microsoft introduced the Zune they wanted the consumer to be able to make it personal.  The Zune was created for the user to personalize in several...  More >>
Published 4/28/2008  Category: Zune Media Player News And Articles
The Zune v2 offers so many capabilities it is almost impossible to know where to start.  The first thing you will notice is the new Zune is smaller....  More >>

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